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Physics Lessons 9/5/08

Thermodynamics: a Chinese physicist opted for a third law of thermo: From Entrophy comes Order

Ask the teacher if that is possible

Modern Physics: Read Richard Feynman, Einstein, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawkings, Quantum Teleportation by IBM-Charles Bennett

(just add PhDs)

Electromagnetism-check up on Dr. Mario Acuna, Mars without EM field

Check up on EM anomalies as possible monitor of earthquakes

search through my



check up on the most recent in Optoelectronics

REAL TIME, Mandy, not some historical treatise

LInguistics, check up on e Google translation however there are no phonetics

do not forget

how is that for general and descriptive chemistry advanced placement-Nobel Prize quality?

Calculus III

or is it Advanced Calculus

is it differential, integral calculus and differential equation

Optics: check up on Laser Institute of America

Dear Florence,

Here are answers to your laser questions.

1. Can you cut trees with lasers?

No. The power requirements would be greater than any current industrial
laser can produce. This is not because the tree is resistant to laser light
it is because of the thickness of the tree. Also there would be laser safety
issues that would have to be addressed.

2. Is there laser proof material?

Yes and no. Good old fashion drywall will stop a pretty powerful beam.
There are companies that make laser barrier material that can stop a beam.
If a laser beam has an optical power in the Megawatt or higher range it
becomes harder to find material that can stop the beam without the material
catching on fire or being blasted away.

3. Does the military have lasers that can destroy a missile?

Yes! The air force has the Airborne Laser System or ABL that was designed to
shoot down an incoming ballistic missile. The testing conducted so far has
proven to be an effective way to shoot down an intercontinental ballistic

4. Flash Photolysis?

Flash Photolysis is a pump-probe technique, in which a laser of nanosecond,
picosecond, or femtosecond pulse width is excited by a short-pulse light
source such as a flash lamp.

I hope this answers your questions.

Best regards,

Gus Anibarro
Education Manager
Laser Institute of America
Phone: 407-380-1553
Fax: 407-380-5588

There was an advertisement on tv that was not nice: this gal took an electric chainsaw and cut down all the telephone poles
then use her cell phone which was relayed from the satellites...

study the nanosatellites

There was another advertisement on tv where this gal pour kerosenes on the bridge and threatened to ignite it and burn the bridge with a match...

I think those are arrogant display of badness?

Lance Christensen, PhD,